How Clothes Make You Feel- Happy Clothes Season.

How Clothes Make You Feel- Happy Clothes Season.

Welcome to Happy Clothes Season! 

Okay, so as the season changes from summer to fall we can feel the itch to freshen up our personal style or the desire to try something NEW! It is completely normal to get in a rut with our clothes and the way we feel about them. Knowing that our clothes can hold emotional value for us, we owe it to ourselves to create a style that makes us feel like our HAPPIEST selves! 

So here are my tips and tricks for happy outfit season!!! 

#1 - Add small pieces to an outfit to freshen it up (:

  • Okay, so I am so obsessed with fun earrings and happy socks that can make an outfit feel new. So maybe you don’t need a brand new wardrobe, maybe your favorite outfits just need a new accessory to give you that RUSH of happiness you are looking for. 
  • My favorite “small pieces” are: 
    • Jewelry like rings, bracelets and statement earrings like rainbows + puff balls (: 
    • Fun happy socks! 
    • Headbands, or fun hairstyles. 
    • BELTS!

PICS or it didn't happen right: puff ball earrings, fun socks, belts + accessories!


#2- Try something new like.. pattern mixing!

  • Pattern mixing means taking two patterns that don’t typically feel like they go together and putting them together. I think this is a completely new eye to look at your wardrobe with and allows you to be extremely creative!
  • My favorite ideas are: (: 
    • Different levels of plaid together! 
    • Polka Dots and floral together! 
    • Stripes and floral together! 
    • Different levels of stripes together! 

INSPO: Happy Clothes Season Pinterest Board! Click HERE! (: 

   This contains an image of: Plaid on Check | Keiko Lynn  

#3- DO not be afraid of color (: 

  • Okay, so I know that neutrals are totally in and safe! But I think that colors can really provide an extra layer of happiness to your outfit. Don’t be afraid of the bright colors you love, but typically never wear them. If you love it then you should wear it!! (: 
  • My favorite ideas are: 
    • Monochromatic colors together 
    • Bright colors on the bottom paired with a neutral 
    • Bright Colors layered together 
    • Color in every outfit. 



#4- Layering is your friend!

  • Spicing up clothes you already own, can easily be done by adding layers! Layers are an easy way to add color or freshen up something you wear a lot! If you love a dress that you wear all the time, try it again with something under or over for a brand new look. 
  • My favorite layering ideas: 
    • Turtlenecks are your FRIEND (: 
    • Layering different necklines, boat neck with a high neck. 
    • Something patterned under something solid, like a tee or a dress. 

Pic INSPO (: 


#5- Push your comfort zone. 

  • My last tip is it is okay to feel like you are wearing something you have never worn before or to let your style be a fluid process. With age, seasons and trends, your style will change and allow that comfort zone to go BYE!!! 
  • My favorite ways to push the comfort zone: 
    • Look at inspiration of new styles that you would like to try, but haven't before (: 
    • Pick one thing you are going to enhance about your style, shoes, accessories, layering? 
    • Focus on how clothes make YOU feel, not other peoples opinions. 

As always, HAPPY clothes season is intentional to allow you to learn more about what makes you HAPPY! (: Here at OHB we have one great mission and that is making people happier by brightening their day, so I hope this gave you some inspo + a little joy! - Love your happy bestie- Jenna (: 

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