The Secret to Honoring Your Energy Levels.

The Secret to Honoring Your Energy Levels.

We are focusing on ENERGY LEVELS (: 

Okay so it is no surprise that our energy levels fluctuate day to day or even from morning to evening, so this month let's get into some tips and tricks that will have us working with those energy levels instead of against them. 

Before we get into the tips and tricks, I think it is important to note that in order to work with our energy levels we need to be in tune with our bodies and how we are feeling. We should take those feelings in without judgment, it is not meant to make us “feel bad” for having low energy, or feeling guilty for not feeling quite “yourself” today.

So step one is to take in how are you truly feeling, is today a great energy day where you feel like you can take on the world, or is today a day where you need to have extra space for who you need to be?  

5 Tips and Tricks: 

1. Plan tasks AHEAD of time. (: 

  • Sitting down once a week or once a month and getting everything down on paper or if you are like me, scheduled into your g-cal (: is essential to working with your energy levels. You will know what tasks are coming up and what things will absolutely have to get done in a certain time period. 

  • If you wake up and are having an AMAZING energy day, it might make sense to complete some of those “harder” to-do tasks today. And if you wake up and you just know productivity will be your enemy today, allow yourself to push tasks to the next day! On low-energy days I live by the motto “EVERYTHING non-essential” is not happening today! 

2. Imagine your ideal “High Energy day” and your ideal “Low Energy day” 
  • Let’s chat high energy first. On a high-energy day, you complete all of your morning routine, that skin care and 10 minutes of journaling gets knocked out with no problem. This is a good day to push yourself to work out in the morning or get those extra lingering tasks done. Also, I want you to think about, what are you going to do to celebrate your high-energy self today, treat yourself to your favorite coffee, spend 10 minutes outside, or call a friend? Having a “plan” in place allows you to know what to do when those higher energy days come. 

  • Low energy days, is a day you wake up + the world is spinning, but you need some time to catch up. Think about how your morning routine will change on a day like this, maybe you get rid of anything not essential and add in 10 extra minutes of sitting and doing nothing. Like I said previously on low-energy days, I allow myself to “re-schedule” daunting tasks. I know that the version of me that is showing up today needs a lot of space to just be and not complete anything. Also think about what you are going to do on a low-energy day that will honor yourself, not based on productivity. Are you going to do a yoga practice, take a nap, sit and do nothing, or do self-care? 

3. Schedule “FUN” things to look forward to. 
  • Maybe you need something to look forward to regardless of your energy levels. So maybe this week you schedule “Matcha Monday” and “Walk Wednesday”. These are just little things that have you appreciating yourself and showing up not based on energy or productivity. 
  • Some other ideas.
    • Friend Friday 
    • Thrift Thursday 
    • Dance party Tuesday 
    • Morning Run Monday 
    • Trader Joes Thursday 
    • Taco Tuesday 
    • Sleep in Sunday
    • Bare Minimum Monday

4. Make not fun tasks FUN! 
  • Okay, Okay, so I know what you are thinking. What if I wake up and am having a low-energy day, but this “work” absolutely has to get done? My advice… make it as fun as possible. Maybe you put on an outfit that makes you feel like you can conquer the tallest mountain, you get yourself a fun little drink, put on your favorite music, and set the mood including fun lights and lighting a candle. (: 

5. Make a “SLUMP” routine. 
  • Inevitably we will fall into mid-day slumps, or early morning slumps even on high or low-energy days, so what is your plan to celebrate yourself during that time? 
  • One thing I plan to do ALWAYS when I feel a slump coming on fuel my body, so hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and eat a snack. (: We do not need a hangry queen. Some other ideas are to take a walk, do meditation or mindfulness, or dance party! 

Okay, y’all so there you have it! My best friend chat with you about energy levels (: I hope that you take away one thing from this and that is: 


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